A Community thru Movement, Together thru Anything

About thru Apparel

Our Story

In 2020, thru was created based on the belief that we are better together.

We are here to strengthen all the bonds that move us forward on our journey toward wellbeing and self-improvement. 

It's Us Through And thru

Our logo embodies who we are.

With one T rested on and joined to another we remind ourselves of the people we connect with, those that empower and support us.

The incline of the logo gives a sense of direction and is there to say that, as a community, we are always moving forward.

And the gap between the two Ts is there to tell us that, no matter what, there’s always a way through.
Through anything, we are here to build up and support those around us so that, together, we can all keep moving forward toward our best selves.

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